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Guide to the Contents of the Research Plan

The Guide of contents of the Plan of Investigation (PDF) has for object give a general orientation to the doctorando with respect to how to present his Plan of Investigation. It must offer sufficient information to the evaluating Commission -including the work already done- so that it can judge whether the proposal is viable in […]

How to prepare a research project?

To develop a research project we must follow the following steps. The list is a standard system (model) used by many researchers. Eye structure is not absolute, if you do not like it you can modify and present a format that works better. This is the theory, but when we put it into practice it […]

Research methodology

The methodology of the research is continually confused with the design of the research, so it is important that we clarify the differences before developing the topic. What is the difference between Research Design and Research methodology? The research design is a plan to answer your research question. In as much a method or methodology […]

Research Methods

1. Philosophy of research The philosophy of research is associated with the clarification of the assumption about the nature and source of knowledge. All studies are based on some kind of assumptions about the world and ways of understanding the world. There is no consensus among philosophers on the most appropriate ways of understanding the […]

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