Formatting a thesis: Tips and Tricks

Whether you BWL, German or engineering study: scientific papers and the final thesis are in the course of your studies come definitely for you. In addition to the substantive difficulties and challenges, formatting a thesis is another big issue for many students. Simply write on going on it is often custom writing company said, but this, there may be problems just before the release.

In order not to cut back on your next bachelor thesis on the fly two pages or you several paragraphs from the finger sucking need, because you’ve noticed while formatting that the scope of your thesis does not meet the requirements, we have a simple instructions for you, such as formatting a thesis in MS Word goes without many difficulties of equipping and how to avoid common mistakes when writing.

Formatting a thesis: Preparation

Especially in the thesis, it also depends on little things. That’s why you should look here for tips Scientific writing and formatting seek. A small piece of advice that comply with the fewest students: the main settings when formatting a bachelor thesis should already be done before you start writing. Among the standardized specifications here include:

Font size : In the body text, the characters shall have the size 12pt in the footnotes but only 10pt. Headlines should be great between 14-16pt. The font size you change in MS Word at:

Start – Font – Font Size

Leading : The specifications for line spacing are different in body text and footnotes. In the body text of this should be 1.5, 1.0 in the footnotes. change the line spacing you also can under in MS Word:

Start – paragraph – Leading

Justified : justified should be so used throughout the body text, as well as in the footnotes


Start – paragraph – Justified

margin : The standard specification for the margins is 2cm on both sides. However, many teachers want on the right side 3cm, to have more room for corrections are available. you can change these settings:

Page Layout – Page Setup – Margins

Fonts : The font you should already set before you start really to write your thesis, because different fonts take different a lot of space. Typical fonts that are to be used for housework Arial include, Times New Roman, Times (Mac OS) and the default font for TEX. you can change the font in MS Word at:

Numbering : The pages of your thesis should be numbered consecutively, with the exception of the cover sheet. Normally, the page numbers below should, be centered, but many teachers also have nothing against a pagination bottom right. The page numbering you provide as follows:

Insert – Header and Footer – Pages – Footer -. Easy number 2

Formatting a thesis: Cover

The cover page is the first thing your teacher sees when he focuses on your dissertation. so you should accurately least make sure that you makes no mistake. Content belongs on the cover page the module number, the conference title, the name of the lecturer (pay attention to academic degrees), your name, your degree program, the semester in which you find yourself, your student number, your email address and the title of the dissertation.

For formatting a thesis is important in the cover sheet that it does not receive a page number. Otherwise, the housework should be numbered consecutively. During Nummerierens requires one simple step to remove the page number on the cover page.

After you the steps Insert – Header and Footer – Pages – Footer -‘re gone Simple Number 2, you click on the option “Different first page” and already the number of pages disappear on the cover sheet p. a thesis: Table of Contents

The table of contents is typed by many students at the last minute by hand. However, by further corrections and the like, it can easily happen that headings slip to another page or work shortened or extended. From the beginning, you can let build the TOC MS Word automatically. This works as follows:

first use styles for headers: Start – Styles – Heading.
second set cursor to the point at which appear the table of contents to
third Insert Table of Contents: References – Content – Select Automatic table

So, are automatically included in the table of contents all headings that you mark as a heading. Shortly before delivering your thesis you should definitely upgrade again if is something similar should have changed by corrections or the table of contents. simply for to:

References – Content – Update Table

Important to note is also that the table of contents is available on a separate page. The subsequent introduction of the Bachelor work begins on the next page.

Formatting a thesis: citations and footnotes

Most teachers attach great importance to the correct citation in the study. First, it depends on what area you have your thesis writing, because there are different Zitationsmethoden. In the natural sciences the references follow behind quotations directly in a parenthesis.

“quote” (Author’s Name: title, publisher, location, year, number of pages)

In the humanities, however, the references are using footnotes specify. Once you have something quoting, you can see

Insert – Footnote – Insert Footnote

Insert a small footer, in that you also name the author: einträgst title, publisher, location, year, number of pages


If you quote from the same source multiple times, it is sufficient for both Zitationsweisen, if you specify in the second quote only author, number of pages and counter also the year (with several works by the same author).

Direct quotes are always in double quotes. The footnote or bracket must follow immediately after this quotation marks. Also all indirect quotations must be supported. Foreign language quotations are reproduced in their original language. English citations need not be translated in other languages should follow a translation of content.

Formatting a thesis: bibliography

When is the bibliography in terms of formatting a thesis, not a lot to consider. It is important that this side is numbered and listed in the table of contents. Here are all the sources listed that you’ve used in your dissertation. As in the first footnote, author must:, publisher, place and year are given titles. The sources are thereby sorted alphabetically by the last name of the authors. If you have used several works of an author, list them on after the year of publication. Here, the latest work is listed first.

More tips for formatting a thesis

As you now lend your thesis with MS Word the optical touch, you know now. As for the formal structure of your thesis, you should, however, still these points to consider:

• headings are not at the end of a page. Should this be the case with your thesis that headings move to the next page.

• paragraphs are separated by a blank line or the first set is engaged


• headings usually follow with at least one blank line to the previous text.

• To stay safe in writing flow, you have the option if you want to have the words in italics or bold, to allow in MS Word this with certain key combinations. With the setting:

File – Word Options – Document review – AutoCorrect Options – Auto Format – * bold * and _italic_ formatting

If fat Writing Bee from * * is bold and from _italic_ equal to italic .

• Do not forget the independence declaration. Thus you confirm that you have made your thesis independently. The statement you can write yourself or use a template from the Internet. It is only important that you do datierst by hand and writing.

• Note when printing that you bedruckst the pages unilaterally. For many, this is clear from the outset, but you would not believe how often it happens that students give printed on both sides (for cost reasons) their undergraduate work.

• Proofreading a bachelor thesis is the most important step. If you have already read the text several times, we often overlook errors. That’s why your work’ll definitely re-read by a second person correction. If you have no one who is suitable: there are some services that also offer proofreading a bachelor thesis professionally


How did the formatting of a bachelor thesis in Word or OpenOfficegar see is not so easy to deal with. but the tips listed above to give you a reliable guide. If you should be still so overwhelmed: there is the way great applications for acquisition and chores that might help you


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